Privacy Policy

We value the importance of our client's personal information. Any documents requested are required by the government for verification of ownership and payment of your claim. All documents sent to Simon Hicks Investigations are looked over to verify accuracy and completion to ensure claim payment.

All information is kept confidential. SHI does not disclose any personal information to third-parties or affiliates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was my money transferred to the government?

Millions of dollars are escheated every year to numerous government agencies throughout the country by corporations, banks, and employers who are legally obligated to turn over accounts that have been deemed abandoned, lost, or inactive. Many of these assets include unpaid wages, insurance checks, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, dividends, and class action lawsuits.

Why didn't the government or the holder contact me about my money?

Due to limited resources, the government is often unable or unwilling to spend the time and money required for locating owners. The reporting company, or holder, typically only sends out a letter to the last known address they have on file. It is possible the holder had tried contacting you but the letter was lost in the post office, mistaken as junk-mail and discarded, or came back as undeliverable.

How did your company obtain my information?

The government has authorized SHI as an investigator to assist in locating rightful owners of claims. The claim information is sent to SHI directly from the government. SHI utilizes a network of technologies and databases to locate owners, heirs, and businesses.

Why do I need to pay a fee to get my money back?

The fee covers the costs of locating and contacting you as well as all other overhead expenses. Without a fee, SHI would NOT be able to operate or inform owners of the money owed to them.

How long does the recovery process take?

Once the government has received your claim forms they generally take 3-4 months for processing. Some claims may take longer due to special circumstances.

I have filed a claim before but was denied for payment, can SHI get me paid?

When your claim forms are received by SHI, they are double-checked for accuracy and completion. If it is determined that something is missing, SHI will contact you advising you of the missing information. However, if it is information that SHI can provide for you, e.g. proof of the reported address, then your claim forms will be forwarded to the government along with the information that was originally missing. Contact us for more information.

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